I grew up surrounded by love, amazing parents and felt fortunate with my life as a kid growing up. I grew up next to the ocean, with friends that I consider my siblings today. But I was missing something vital: Self-love.

I grew up feeling self-conscious. I was overweight since I was little and food made me feel happy (still does). I was very strict with myself, always trying to be better in school and always pleasing others (that made me feel more content).

Makeup was my passion and making people feel beautiful (inside and out), so I have been doing makeup since I was 16 years old, mainly as a hobby when I started. Professionally, for over six years.

While working, I realized that there was something aside from makeup that I needed to learn, like making your skin glow and making my clients feel good about themselves even without makeup. That’s when I decided to start my second career, but this time with a different spin, in what I felt passionate about since I was a little girl. Skincare!

i'm Karina, nice to meet you!


makeup should never be used to hide yourself. it should be used to enhance your natural beauty.

i was born in hermosillo, living in tucson

my husband & two kids, are my world

avocado and seafood lover

I LOVE online shopping

I am the type of person that believes that all dreams can come true. It’s all about working hard, having discipline, and love for what you do. That is why most of us get self-abandoned by being pressured on our own goals, taking care of our home, family, and we put aside our self-love and our personal care (which is very important!).


Our goal is to make you feel beautiful inside and out when you walk out our door.We love learning about new products and new treatments to better your skincare needs.

The Glam Squad




Cosmetologist & Hair Stylist

I enjoy baking cakes

Being a mom is my favorite job

Followed by creating updos

I'm also a licensed cosmetologist


Hair Stylist

I love to dance the night away with my husband

Crime Junkie Podcast Fan - Be weird. Be rude. Stay alive!

Gardening and visiting museums soothe my soul

Certified Medical Assistant


Hair Stylist

Natural Redhead

Mom of Twin Boys

I can sing to any type of music!

I try giving my best in everything I do

Ana Victoria

Makeup Artist

I love dancing to any type of music

My family is my life!

Exploring all of Mexico is on my bucket list

I cry in every sad movie


Facials + Makeup

I love horses!

My hair is virgin

I'm trilingual!

I'm an Interpreter.